Cancer et Travail : agir ensemble

Art direction 

Robin Cuquel

Creative Director

Benoit Perochain


Agence Babel 

Production manager

Blandine Vives


Agathe Soula

Motion design 

Marie Puydebois

Yohan De La Fontaine

Sound production

Chut on vous écoute

Produced by 

"When I find out I have aggressive breast cancer, we are on November 13, 2014. And as a researcher, I know exactly what it means: that I have a bomb inside of me."

I had the honour of being chosen by W2P Production to illustrate this story.

In this short film, Hélène tells of her struggle with the disease, the difficulties she encountered and the supports she was able to count on. A way of life that gave birth to the "Cancer & Work: Acting Together" initiative. Composed of a network of antennas, the objective is to support and improve the lives of employees who are directly or indirectly affected by cancer at all Sanofi sites in France.

 The aim was to give Hélène Bonnet the opportunity to speak freely and to illustrate her emotions in animation. Her speech is complemented by interviews that provide an answer to her emotions.